About Me


My name is Xiao G. Wu. The 'X' and the three consecutive vowels seem to throw people for a loop so you can just call me Sean. I'm a full-stack junior web development engineer living in San Francisco, CA with a passion for web development and technology.

I recently completed a twelve week Web Development Immersive (WDI) program at General Assembly in San Francisco, CA. What does immersive mean you might ask? It means all day and pretty much every day for twelve weeks. It was one of the hardest and also most rewarding things I've ever done.

Having survived, I am looking to join a local startup as a junior web development engineer where I can continue to learn and develop my web development skills. Being full-stack, I'm versed in both front and back-end technologies however my current strengths lean towards the back-end. I plan on devoting some time to strengthen my front-end skills.

Although I'm new to web development, I have extensive experience in enterprise information technology management in the areas of software configuration and requirements management. More information about me can be found on AngelList. A copy of my résumé is also available for download.

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